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Derrick Bohn Introduces Zoe Crist on

I just love Derrick Bohn - owner of Don't you just love Derrick Bohn? He, his wife, Wendy, and his company are just some of the best people in this business- and I would venture to say on this planet! Seriously. Oh, and they make great videos too.

I had only met Derrick briefly prior to watching this introduction and was immediately struck by his humanity. Also, I just love meeting people who love Zoe too- being Zoe's biggest fan, I immediately feel we have something deep in common.

Derrick goes into a bit about Zoe's history and shop accident back in 2013. I like what he says here... "He's just that kind of a guy. He fought his way back from a place where most of us would've just given up, and guess what? He makes great knives. "

Thanks to Derrick and the KnivesShipFree crew for all they do to make this knife business one of integrity - with a healthy side of humor.

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